Key words: Analytical; analysis; chemical; chemistry; education; environment; environmental; instrumentation; monitoring; training; water; water quality

For advice on and training in scientific methods for environmental monitoring

Exmoor Environmental Services

Site still under construction

Exmoor Environmental Services is a small, independent consultancy and exists to:

  1. Give advice on environmental matters, in particular, topics relating to water quality and problems involving asbestos
  1. Provide basic investigations and surveys of aquatic systems
  2. Provide advice on equipping laboratories
  3. Give instruction and training in the theory and practice of analytical and monitoring equipment, including that relating to:

Atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Atomic emission spectrophotometry

Infra-red spectroscopy

Ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy


Portable physico-chemical instruments and systems

  1. Guidance in designing monitoring programmes
  1. The production of worksheets for instrumental techniques

A newly-installed standpipe at Msoro, Zambia

Before the installation of the new AAS

After the installation of the new AAS

The WRMD Atomic Spectroscopy Laboratory