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Exmoor Environmental Services

For advice on and training in scientific methods for environmental monitoring

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Exmoor Environmental Services arose from work that I did while employed as a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry at Farnborough College of Technology, an institution of Higher Education. There would be times when we would be approached to perform chemical analyses on various samples and it would normally fall to me to perform these. Thus, I determined the heavy metal content of seawater samples submitted by Surfers Against Sewage and, on several occasions, determined the protein and fibre content of pet food samples for a client. Work on a project developing a method for removing ammonia and phosphate from effluent ended prematurely when the client sadly died and funds were not available to carry on. Then Hampshire County Council contracted us to undertake the chemical monitoring of the Basingstoke Canal as part of a larger scheme to monitor the effects of boat passages on the vegetation. The linking of the college with the University of Surrey then brought opportunities to do work for the Robens Institute in Cyprus, Mauritius and Uganda. In a private capacity I was asked to provide a chemical analysis of a stream running through the owner’s field, while the Exmoor Society asked me to examine the effect of leaking silage on a moorland stream.

In 2002, with retirement approaching, I had hoped to develop Exmoor Environmental in order to put my expertise to good use but growing commitments and responsibilities at my local church made that difficult; although I was able to contribute to as scheme in Zambia which saw the provision of standpipes to households in the village of Msoro. Now I have shed my responsibilities at church I am looking to develop my consultancy work and would welcome the opportunity to be involved in any schemes anywhere in the world where my background and experience would be of use.